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Design and program

Our draftsmen are well trained in using the latest design technologies, with their design skills we are able to produce quality end results.  Our software CAD/CAM solution is feature rich allowing us to over come design difficulties with as little problems as possible.

Multipunch design team work well together to handle design challenges head on, transferring knowledge to each other is key in achieving this, along with a good working enviroment.

Multipunch conforms to it's own very high standards, and as design is the principle starting process in manufacturing, it is here that the no stone is left unturned to achieve our customers desired results.

Besides drafting in conventional 2d design environments, our team are able to draft in 3d, which gives us the following advantages.

  • We are able to identify immovability issues
  • Check vital clearances
  • Give our customers a real-world preview
  • Virtually Assembly part components
  • Identify errors in customer designs
  • Predict future design and manufacturing difficulties that may occur, allowing us to limit lead-times.
  • Give solutions to design concepts
  • Decrease production time.


Our software solutions allow us to accurately predict sheet metal utilization and production time, which allows our customers peace of mind during our manufacturing processes, and ultimately save them valuable profits.