Multipunch cc
69 Killarney Rd
Killarney Gardens

Tel: +27 21 556 0768
Fax: +27 21 556 0786

Multipunch has a variety of CNC Bending machines to handle your bending challenges.

Multipunch make use of the Trumpf C60, Promecam 80T, Promecam 50T and Amada\Promecam 80T


Our bending operators are experienced in handling bending challenges, and with the machinery available to them, they work efficiently to transform flat parts into manufactured components.

With a wide variety of tools available to us we are able to offer excellent CNC Bending service.

Trumpf C60:              60ton x 2000mm
Promecam:              80ton x 3000mm
Amada\Promecam:  80ton x 2500mm
Promecam:              50ton x 2500mm





Multipunch is fully featured CNC Sheet Metal Service Center offering all major manufacturing processes to produce quality end products. Please be sure to check out all of our valued services related to sheet metal manufacturing.